This map is not intended as an inventory of any specific pedagogical method – our aim is to transcend the notion of method. This map shows pedagogical initiatives – regardless of what method they may subscribe to – which respect the natural laws of learning and insist on children learning through their own autonomous explorations in mixed-age classes under the guidance of a supportive individual. If you are involved in such an approach – even if you are still at the exploratory and research phase – we invite you to signal your location on the map. The purpose of this map is to enable teachers who are committed to this approach to establish contact with each other and to feel less isolated.

0. At the exploratory and research phase.    1. In transition, with some autonomous workshops.    2. Autonomous workshops exclusively, with one or two age groups.    3. Autonomous workshops exclusively, with three age groups.    4. Autonomous workshops exclusively, with at least three age groups for more than two years.

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