Checklist for sense refinement activities

In order to keep a record of the presentations which we had given to each child, we designed a checklist which we stuck discreetly to one of the classroom walls with blu tack. After presenting an activity to a child, we marked a dot on the checklist in a neutral colour (black or blue). This enabled us to keep a precise record of what presentations we had given and therefore to guide each child appropriately in the choice of activities.

Click here to download it in .xlsx format.

Click here to download it in .pdf format.


Before printing it out, we suggest you type the children's first names in the left-hand column and use the same colour in the rows for children in the same year. We know from experience that this is a very handy resource for quickly making a record of a presentation given to a child. After printing it out, you can laminate it and use a marker pen to check off the activities presented.

How do I make a record of the skills acquired?

For some activities, we wanted to keep a record of the skills the children had acquired. This was the case, for example, with the Colour Tablets and the Fabrics. When the child knew the names of the colours or fabrics, we erased the neutrally coloured dot – which indicated that the activity had been presented to them – and replaced it with a green dot. This way, we knew at a glance whether or not the child knew the names of the colours and fabrics which had been presented to them.

If you want to find out more about how to record the presentations and the skills acquired, please view the 'Monitoring progress of presentations' video in the theoretical underpinning, and the 'Logs' video in the practical underpinning section.