The team

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A linguist by training, Céline embarked on her pedagogical research in 2007, working with both children and adults, principally in Spain. Her aim was to identify the environment which is the most conducive to fulfilling human potential to the full. She devoured books on teaching theory and the development sciences; the experiment in Gennevilliers was one stage in her ongoing research into the subject.

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A graduate of Arts & Métiers ParisTech engineer school, Fabien is our look-out and IT pirate. He is always on the bridge of the ship, ready to code the website and incorporate the 27,204 changes which Céline asks him to make on a Sunday evening. A born optimist and intuitive psychologist, he can always find the right words in the event of panic on deck.

Matthieu 2ab141546cdfff0329da03de3a869e2ab0593d7a5c876212c72998b75a8c503e

A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique engineer school and of MIT, Matthieu is the cool head who brings order and structure to proceedings. He organises, plans and manages all the paperwork (he’s the only one not averse to admin) and occasionally codes with Fabien. Matthieu’s levelheadedness is a daily boon – without a doubt he has the best inhibitory control in the team.

The photographs of our conferences are taken by ©Laurent Pistiaux.