Checklist for mathematical activities

In order to keep a record of the presentations which we had given to each child, we designed a checklist which we stuck discreetly to one of the classroom walls with blu tack. After presenting an activity to a child, we marked a dot on the checklist in a neutral colour (black or blue). This enabled us to keep a precise record of what presentations we had given and therefore to guide each child appropriately in the choice of activities.

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How do I make a record of the skills acquired?

For the mathematical activities, we wanted to keep a precise record of the skills the children had acquired. When a child knew the name of two or three numbers presented using the sandpaper numbers - for example 2, 4 and 1 -, we rubbed out the neutral colour dots signifying that these three figures had been presented to them and we replaced it with a green dot. That way, by looking at the chart, we knew at a glance what had been presented to a child and the notions that they had, or had not, acquired.

If you want to find out more about how to keep a record of the presentations and the skills acquired, please view the 'Record-keeping' video in the theoretical underpinning section, and the “Record-keeping” video in the practical underpinning section.